Those Were The Days

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Ever wonder where those CrossFit LA instructors came from? Perhaps they sprang from Zeus’ thigh or were formed from Adam’s rib. More likely they had they humble beginnings as students of Andy Petranek, just like you. Take a gander at some of the earliest photographic evidence of this fact. Soft, chubby cheeked clay we once were (oh, and if you think Pants Mike was the first Mike who refused to wear shorts, think again!).


Today’s Workout

“Death by 10 meters”

Place 2 cones 10 meters apart. When the workout begins, run 10 meters. Every minute on the minute after add 10 meters (i.e. minute 2 – 20m, minute 3 – 30m, etc.). Continue running back and forth between the cones until you can no longer run the prescribed meters in a given minute.



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