Thoughts and Action

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A) Squat Clean
EMOM 8: 2 Position (Ground and high hang)
B) Pullups
5 Min strict pullup drill – on minute, max strict pu’s
C) 6 rounds for Squat Clean Reps (:60:60):
50 DU’s
Max Sq. Cl. @ 62.5% of days heaviest EMOM

A) Front Squat
12 minutes to find heavy single
10 min to work positioning and mechanics.
C) 5 rounds for HSPU reps:
200m run
10 FS @ 50% of days 1RM
Max HSPUWe have such great brains. They are capable of abstract thought, planning for the future, pondering alternate possibilities, evaluating conflicting options, and much more. And these are all incredible abilities when you think about the lifeless lump of gray matter that sits inside your skull!

In spite of their elegance, beauty, and extraordinary capacity they are also quite capable of stopping us dead in our tracks — even when we want to go, GO, GO! All of the faculties that the brain has will continue to generate themselves, thoughts upon thoughts upon thoughts, if they are given free reign. We give so much credence to our thoughts that we put them on loudspeaker and use them to explain to people why we aren’t doing anything. We use them as justification NOT to act, like the world exists inside of our heads, in thought, rather than outside our heads, in getting things done! The endless process of thinking and evaluating can keep us from taking ANY action out of fear of taking the wrong one, or a painful one, or an ineffective one. This may be known to many of you in common parlance as “paralysis by analysis,” the head-fogging, mind-numbing, sight-clouding, headache-inducing state of inaction that accompanies many crossroad choices (sometimes even the mundane ones!).

The ONLY way out of this is action. ANY action. You’ll never know if it’s wrong, painful, or ineffective until you take it. You can’t philosophize your way into an accurate prediction of the future. If you are waiting for a hard choice to become an easy choice, make it! Adding more thinking only makes the brew thicker and more unpalatable. Action is the great dissipator of thoughts. As soon as you take action all the thoughts become moot. They can have no more influence of what should be done because it’s already done!

Where do you get stuck when it comes to thoughts vs actions? Where do you find your most paralyzing decisions and what action can you take to “unstick” yourself?

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