Thrusters for everyone!

Thrusters for everyone!

Thrusters are one of the most metabolically demanding movements we do as CrossFitters. While driving with power through the hips is important for efficiently getting the bar up overhead, overpowering the lift is common and should be avoided to maximize speed. When you overpower the bar, you’ve generated too much power – and the bar shoots up overhead with such speed that you the only thing keeping it from flying up into the air is your grip on the bar. Next time you do thrusters, try to generate just enough power so that the weight moves up with speed, but just enough to get it overhead with your arms straight.

Bunt, Alex - gets some thrusters
Alex showing full extension in a thruster.

Today’s Workout
7 rounds for time of :
7 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls – 95 lbs
7 Box Jumps



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