One Continuous Mistake

One Continuous Mistake

If you thought that a master’s life was a life of success after success, you’d be mistaken. A master’s life is a life, as said in Zen, of Shoshaku Jushaku, or “succeeding wrong with wrong.”

In other words, a master’s life can be said to be one of one continuous mistake. This can also be seen as a life of single-minded effort.

I’d worry more about the person who thinks he doesn’t make any mistakes. Know you might only make mistakes. If you can stop worrying about trying not to make mistakes, you are free to learn the lessons of every action you take.

Knowing that a life of single-minded effort is a life of one mistake after another is not necessarily being cynical and resigned. It is your key to the master’s path,


Thursday’s Workout (CAP)

A) 3 RFQ (:45:15)
Arch Rocks
Hollow Rocks

B) 4 Rounds for Quality and Pace
250m Row
200m Run
10 Strict CTB Pull Ups
**Rest exactly 2 min between rounds**
**Keep rounds within 10­-15 sec*

C) Back Squat 3×3 (+2/+5)

And Coming Friday

“Da Tiny Hoppa”



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