The Right People on the Team

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A) Back Squat 3×5 @ 85-87.5% (same wt. across)
B) Core Stability:
6 rounds of:
:30 hollow rock
:30 arch rock
:30 rest
C) 10 min double under skill/mobility work
D) 5 rds for reps (:90:90) of:
:30 RKB ahap
:30 Pushup (adv as possible)
:30 DU


2 rounds for time of:
8 Front Squat (no rack) 185/120
400m run
8 Front Squat
500m rowOver the last couple of years Andy and I have been developing the Whole Life Challenge and we have had some extraordinary people on our team. People who are talented, passionate, generous, hard working and fun. We could not have done what we have done without them. Literally, it wouldn’t exist at all.

We’re always talking to people about the challenge and every now and then we run into someone who is talented, passionate, generous, hard working and fun and we’ll both think “THAT person should be on our team!” It’s not necessarily based on their experience, their success rate, or their resume (although, those things are important too), it’s based on who we want to play with — people who are bought into what we are creating, have creative vision that adds something that wasn’t there, and wants to have fun while they work.

It makes me think how much it matters who is on your team anywhere — in how you manage your health, in building your career, in having an inspiring personal life. It doesn’t matter if a person has experience, knowledge, expertise, or know-how if they don’t align with your vision, aren’t excited by what you’re excited by, or if they’re no fun! It doesn’t make them bad people, just not someone for your team in that area. And when you look at it, you can have teams anywhere for just about anything! Your workout buddies, your spouse or significant other, your colleagues at work are all potential teammates!

Where do you have teams in your life? Who’s on them? Where could you use a little team to take things to the next level?




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