You are Your Time by Matt Nichols

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Guest blog by Coach Mr. Matt Nichols

In breath class a few weeks back, Breia started the class by sharing with us the last words David Cassidy said before he passed away – “So much wasted time.” Hearing that was heartbreaking, not because I had any particular connection to David Cassidy, but because I imagined myself in my last moments and thought of how utterly devastating it would be to look back at my life and see only the wasted opportunities, the missed chances, the wasted time.

The only resource, really, that is ours to control is our time. And it is finite, which makes it very precious.  What – and who – we chose to spend our time on matters. It may be uncomfortable to hear, but the truth is that the things on which we spend our time define who we are and define what actually matters to us.

Life is not a video game – there are no extra lives, no do-overs. We do not get a second bite at the apple. But, at least for today, we are not at the end of our journeys. We are a few days into a new year and heading into a season of growth and change. As you resolve to make changes in your life, I would ask you to reflect on the things that occupy your time. Does your time invested reflect your intentions and values? Is this how you want to be defined? Is the way you spend your time who you want to be?

Above is a picture of my beautiful girl Clod, who recently passed away and with whom I wish I had had more time.


Thursday’s Workout
TEST DAY – Cycle 16

A) Test of the Hinge Archetype

B) Single-arm Kettelbell Complex:
7 Suitcase Deadlifts
6 Swings (Russian)
5 Swing Cleans
3 Thrusters
Find your heaviest weight for max unbroken rounds, alternating arms every 2 rounds

Fridays’s Workout
TEST DAY – Cycle 16

10 Pistols (alternating)
15 Pull-ups



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