It’s Time To Play!

Earlier this week, some students asked me what this Playtime Mini Cycle is all about. I’m sure they’re not the only ones who have this question.

Well, since our main training cycles are 14 weeks long, and we want you to participate in all 14 weeks of the cycle, we intentionally schedule the cycles so as not to have any overlap with the holiday break. The Playtime Mini Cycle fills the gap created at the end of year. While there’s no Test and Retest, there is a specific focus for the cycle (see below). Our unique context is also present in the appropriate percentages: 60% Practice Days, 30% Competition Days, and 10% Mental Toughness Days.

Now that it’s clear why this is a “Mini” cycle, what makes it “Playtime”? Well, we like to use this as an opportunity for you to play with and try some fun skills and movements that we don’t often see during our main cycles. Also, we like to use this as an opportunity for us to experiment with some elements in the programming that you may see in the upcoming year.

Here’s the main focus and theme of our current Playtime Mini Cycle:
1) Rope Climbs
2) Tire Flips
3) Heavy Back squats, Deadlifts, and Presses
4) Workouts from our friends over at

Are you having fun with the rope climbs and tire flips so far? Let me know in the comments!

Thursday’s Workout

A) Deadlift (20min)
Work up to heavy 5

500m Row
10 DB burpees (55/40)
10 CTB pullups
**20min Cap**

 Friday’s Workout

A) Back squat (20min)
Work up to heavy 5

B) Press (15min)
Work up to heavy 5

C) 2 rounds for quality, alternating with a partner
1min Tire flips, Alternate after 1 rep
1min Burpee pullups, Alternate after 2 reps
1min Box jumps, Alternate after 3 reps
1min RKBS, Alternate after 4 reps

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