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How much time do you take for yourself each day to do something that you actually love doing? Not something you do for someone else. Not an obligation. Not work. Not watching TV or browsing Facebook. No. I mean something that you do, on purpose, that you do just for you – that nourishes you, feeds your soul, blows your dress up, puts a smile on your face and warmth in your heart. 

Is the notion of spending time for yourself each day simply out of the question? Is asking about the number of minutes each day silly because more often than not the number is zero? How about his… how many minutes each week? Or each month? Have you fallen so far out of the habit that you’ve forgotten what those things are, or how important they are to your overall health, happiness and well-being? 

We introduced the lifestyle practice of “doing something you love” each day for a week in the Whole Life Challenge. A few years ago, when we first began this practice, I remember that for me, playing guitar was one of the things that I did to earn my points each day that week – it was something new, different, and something I loved doing. 

It hadn’t dawned on me until today, in thinking about the lifestyle practice for the upcoming WLC, that the regular playing of my guitar has become a normal part of my everyday life. It’s something I do almost every night to wind down from the day, relax, and nourish my soul. It’s become a habit without me even trying to make it one.

If you could pick just one thing to do each day that is simple, doesn’t require more than about 10 minutes, and that you love to do… what would it be? Sit with it until you have something in mind (remember, there is no right answer). Now, honor yourself by carving out 10 minutes of “you time” and give it a go. See if you can get it in a few times this week.  Find a way to make it easy. Remove the obstacles. You never know, it might just turn your ordinary day, week or month into something quite extraordinary.


Tuesday’s Workout

“The Chip-Hates-You Chipper”

25 Power cleans (165/115)
50 Jumping lunges
75 Situps
50 Burpees
25 American KBS (32/20)

And Coming Wednesday

3 T&G Snatch high pulls

3 Snatch-grip jerks

C) 3RFQ on the 7:00
400m Run
500m Row
20 Kipping pullups
**6min cap each round**



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