Time OUT

Stress – this time of year can bring a lot of it on – work, family, kids, gift giving, travel. There’s a lot going on and a lot of things that can =get in the way of your commitment to your health and fitness.

The question I have for you is this… “Do you let it stop you?” Does it get in your way and keep you from taking that 5 – 30 minute “time out” for your health and rejuvenation? Believe me, for most of us, we are nightmares without this time – and NO ONE really wants to be around us.

Your health and fitness is a habit. The time you are put to the test are times like these right now. Even when every ounce of you is telling you to push through, don’t stop, you don’t have time for a workout or a time out, take one anyway. Your body and mind will thank you, as will your spouse, kids and friends!

Try this – go for a 15 minute run. During the run, every 2 minutes, do a 30 second sprint (go all out – don’t hold back!) Finish with 100 squats.

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