Time to Quit or to Recommit?

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Today’s Workout

5 rounds for time:
3 clean pulls (135/95)
3 power cleans
3 push press
3 push jerks
3 good morningsI notice that when things in life start getting really crazy for me I end up looking for the thing I can quit to make things more manageable. I know that I feel that if I had less commitments I would be able to handle the things that are important to me. The problem is, anything that I’m actually committed to IS important to me and I really don’t WANT to quit! If I do drop something I end up not only missing it, but feeling like I sold myself out. One of the easiest things to let fall to the wayside is working out. Most of us don’t see ourselves in any immediate danger of having something terrible happen as a result of missing a workout – and we’re not. The danger is that it can always be something that get’s done “tomorrow” – and tomorrow never comes. Step back for a moment, change your context, rearrange things. Try to do things differently than the way you’ve always done them. Don’t just walk away before getting what you insist matters to you! Ask for help. Talk to a coach, a friend, an assistant. Even if you do decide to pare something back you can always make it a part of getting everything in the long run. Make your plan using your commitment rather than your impulse to quit. You may find you actually can have it all.

Pat – there ain’t no quit in THIS dude



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