Times, They Are A Changin’

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On a continuously running clock:
0:00-5:00: Max Ground to Overhead (GTO) poundage
**Each minute on the minute perform 6 burpees**

5:00-15:00: Rest

15:00: For Time:
50 single count alternating lunges (95/65)
800m Run
**5 burpee penalty every time weight is dropped**


A) 3 RFQ:
250m Row
20 squats
15 burpees
10 pull ups

B) 20 min to find 1RM FS

C) 15 min to find 1RM JerkCFLA has been fortunate. I have been fortunate. Jonesy has been part of our community, on our staff as a coach for more than 7 years. Over that time, I’ve personally witnessed a lot from him. He started as a wide-eyed kid, literally ready to take on anything. There was an eagerness, excitement and an “I might not have done before, or know how to do it now, but I can (and will) do anything” mindset he carries with him to this day.

Once he stepped foot inside of CFLA, (then, Petranek Fitness), there was literally no getting rid of him. He made it abundantly clear that he wanted to be here, as a coach, and nowhere else. Period. And he was willing to do anything to make that so. And he did… time and time and time again.

As one of my coaches over these years, he’s been put to the test with things completely outside of his comfort zone. He’s failed. He’s tried again. And failed. He’s been on the receiving end of countless hours of coaching. And he’s always, eventually, taken full ownership and responsibility. He’s demonstrated through his actions an indomitable strength of character, will and “nevergiveupness”… and has epitomized our original Petranek Fitness slogan, “Show Up. Don’t Quit.”

With an unquenchable appetite for personal growth, he’s experienced what it means to be held accountable to the word integrity; how to live creatively in the world of possibility (not just as a word, but in action); and has a much better grasp today than ever on what it means to be fully responsible for himself and his life.

And oh what we’ve all learned from him, when we’re paying attention… what it means to be fully committed, to dreaming, to living life fully, to having more heart than sense sometimes, to really listening, to appreciating the simple things, to being courageous, to never giving up.

And as you might have gathered from the title of this post, it’s time for him to take the next step in his growth, taking his professional life into his own hands, outside the confines our close-knit CFLA community. Jonesy is moving on.

But wait… before you get all weepy-eyed and say goodbye… he’s not REALLY going anywhere… he’s just changing the context of his presence at CFLA. Like a Phoenix, Jonesy is changing forms so that has more space from which to re-create himself, all over again. He’ll be maintaining his standing here as a CFLA member – working out with you, along side of you. Just as a peer, not a coach.

I am ever so grateful for Jonesy’s presence in my life, personally and professionally… and look forward to seeing and experiencing what he does in this, his next chapter! Go Jonesy!

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