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As we continue to expand our website, we’re committed to adding new and current content on our main page, in our instructor blogs and discussion forums, and links to other sites, blogs, information and videos. We will periodically reference these in our main blog to keep you up to speed on new postings. One of these is a link we put up over the weekend to a few videos about cholesterol and how its level in your body is NOT related to cardiovascular disease. The main-stream information out there is diametrically opposed to this opinion, so we thought you’d enjoy a fresh, new (sort of) and different opinion.

the aftermath

Today’s Workout
Tabata Sit Ups
Tabata Alternating Supermans
Tabata Bicycles
Tabata Good Mornings
– complete 8, 20 second rounds of each exercise, 10 seconds rest between each round.
– Score for each exercise is your lowest number of reps in one round.



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