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Today’s Workout

For time:

800 m run
50 box jumps (20″ box)
10 spider-to-crab (
40 box Jumps
20 spider to crab
30 box jumps
30 spider to crab
20 box jumps
40 spider to crab
10 box jumps
50 spider to crab
800 m runTaryn is a CrossFitter up in Canada who writes a blog about her CrossFit experiences called Tabata This. The following essay came from her most recent post. I thought it was good enough to post the entire thing right here on our blog. Thanks Taryn for your contribution to the CrossFit community in your beautiful writing!

Bleed With Me, And You Will Forever Be My Brother
Written by tarynrom on July 2nd, 2010

We all fight on the rubber matted battlefield together. Puddles of chalk dust cover the rough terrain, and bodies lay sprawling throughout the trenches when the battle is done. But is that battle really over? We pack up and march home, only to wake up and start all over again. We’re not fighting for our countries, we’re not fighting for a name, or anyone else. We’re fighting for ourselves.

Half way through the battle, our hands are covered in blood, we’re drenched with sweat. The look upon our faces spells pain and defeat, but it’s what happens at this point that is the most important to ourselves and to making that advance on the rubber matted battle field to get ahead of our opponent – wether that be someone else, or simply just our mind.

A friendly reaches across and pats you on the back encouragingly. “I’ve got your back,” they say. “Pick up that bar and get going. Finish it up.” Your hands hurt; they’re torn and bleeding. Your muscles feel like you’re caught in barbed wire. Standing up is like climbing a mountain with all your gear on. There’s no way you can go on. You tell yourself just to give up; throw that bar down and walk away. Tomorrow is another day.

But that’s the thing. Tomorrow isn’t just another day. You either survive today, or you don’t. It’s at this point when you need to stare that bar down and attack it. Pull yourself up and over the others laying sprawled on the battlefield, and keep going. Grip the bar with that madness I know is deep down inside of you. Shut your mind off, because the ONLY thing that matters is what you’re about to do. What you’re about to do RIGHT NOW. Tomorrow doesn’t matter. Yesterday especially doesn’t matter. Getting that bar up is the ONLY thing that matters RIGHT NOW.

Next time you’re struggling through the middle of your WOD, keep your hands on the bar and look into it.

Leave everything on the floor. The only thing that matters is what you do TODAY, RIGHT NOW.

Leo – gettin’ some overhead!



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