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Last week I had the “pleasure” of participating in our very own Sweet Cheeks HQ No Sugar Challenge. I found out after committing that it ALSO meant NO SWEETENERS of any kind… which for a Diet Coke addict like me, left me wriggling around like a worm out in the sunlight. But, I sucked it up, and made it the week… and guess what? I’m still off of Diet Coke – and am feeling great!

I’m sure many of you have successes to share and stories to tell from the week (like Norma, who after putting a chocolate covered almond in her mouth, promptly spit it out after remembering she was in the middle of the challenge!) So come on, lets hear about it… post in comments your breakthroughs, lessons learned, plans to continue, weight loss, stories, how you felt and how you’re feeling now, successes, etc.

Brendan goes for a climb.

Today’s Workout
Tabata “Whatever”
8 consecutive Tabata intervals of:
box jumps (24″/20″)
slam balls
knees to elbows

No rest between movements
Your score is the total reps of all 32 intervals



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