Today’s Choices

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A) Power Snatch Drill
1 Power Snatch
1 Hang Power Snatch – below the knee
1 Hang Power Snatch – mid thigh
-Goal is max weight

B) “Interval Nicole”
400m run
max set pull ups
– Advanced – 5 rounds – start each round on the 4 min
– Beginner/Intermediate – 4 rounds – start each round on the 5 min


A) Power Clean 2-2-2-2-2

B) The Oreo
Your cookies are the double-unders, you cream is the barbell complex
For time
100 Double-unders, then
6 rounds of
2 Power Clean (AHAP)
2 Front Squat
2 Push Press
2 Back Squat
2 Behind the neck Push Press
then complete workout with 100 Double-unders
-15 minute cap

As some of you know from my Facebook the other day, Winslow and I recently announced our engagement. And as some of you know who actually knew me “in real life,” when I left Los Angeles I did so with the goals of becoming a writer, wife, and mom. So – two down! LOL Now, don’t be expecting any third announcement anytime, soon – the jury is still out on that one, to be frank. Sometimes I love the idea, and sometimes after a full day with a friend’s children all I can’t think is, “So glad I don’t have to go home with those!” And here’s what I get about that…

All that matters is right now. I know, beyond a doubt, that I have the power to make anything happen in my life that I wish. And I know, no matter what happens, it will be the right thing and I will be happy. This goes for relationships, career, money, and fitness. The choice I make right now is the best choice I can make right here and right now. And once I make that choice, I will move on to tomorrow’s choice. And that will be the best choice for that moment. No choice that comes before and no choice that comes after actually matters. What matters is – what do I want right now and what is the best thing right now. The rest is guilt and conjecture.

It’s a great freedom, to do what I want, unencumbered. And it’s a great power. I can do this pullup, right here, as if it’s the only pullup in the world. It doesn’t matter what I did yesterday. It doesn’t matter what I did a minute ago. And I sure as heck don’t actually have a clue what I’m going to be doing tomorrow, so let’s just do this pullup while we’re standing here, okay?

Try for one day, one workout, or even one meal to only make the choices that are right in front of you and see what happens.




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