Top 5 (bad) Reasons to NOT Write YOUR Thoughts in Comments


A) EMOM 5 – DB Squat Cleans for Skill and Load
10 DB Squat Cleans – focus on hip extension and flexion

B) 4 RFQ (rounds for quality) :45:15
Strict Chest to Bar Chin Ups
Arch Rocks

C) 4 Rounds for total reps :45:15
Row (cal)
Alt. DB Snatch
:60 Rest


A) 3×5 FS (+2-5)

B) Jerk – 10 min
Heavy double

C) 3 rounds on the 4:00 (each for time)
200m Run
10 Ring Pull ups / Strict C2B Pull ups
20 Squats
10 Strict Ring dips / 20sec support on rings
After looking over the comments (and often the lack of comments) on our blog one day, I got to thinking… why don’t more people post their thoughts in comments regularly? I mean I KNOW people are reading our posts… they talk about it in class, mention things about articles or videos we link to, even give me a pat on the back for a ‘great post’.

And then I got to thinking about it myself… what is it that stops ME from commenting on others blogs? That gave me some ideas. These are the ones I came up with. How do you relate?

5. A blog feels like Television – There is no one here in front of me, just my computer screen. I’m here to receive information or commentary only, and there is no reason to write a thing. I’m a consumer, and a consumer only.

4. I’m just a beginner… I don’t really know what these people do here… I’ll just watch, read and learn… and maybe I speak up on the blog later.

3. I don’t have time to think about it enough to formulate a reply. I’m here to learn and digest only… not to contribute.

2. I might be the only one to think the way I do about this… and I don’t want to make waves or cause a problem.

1. I don’t think my opinion really matters anyway – I don’t have anything that is valuable enough to really make a difference.

What do you think? Resonate? Let me tell you, as a coach who has met thousands of people just like you… you have something to contribute! Yes, even you. You have a unique perspective on things that is ONLY yours… and by sharing it, even if it’s only a sentence, may help someone else on their path.

We are a community of people who grow stronger because of the contribution of each of our members… and the more often each of us speaks up, the more others get to know you, and the more we get to experience you, from your perspective.

If you’re reading one of our blog posts and you have even an inkling to say something… Do it! Even if it’s just ‘great post’… it gets you in the habit of saying something, getting out of your head, contributing, and being generous of yourself with the rest of us!

Monica & Ryan on top of Kilimanjaro (19,341 feet in elevation) and one of the ‘7 Summits’!

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