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Today’s Workout

“Zombie Helen”

3 rounds for time of:
400m Farmer’s Walk (1/2 BW)
21 Deadlifts (BW/3/4 BW)
12 Weighted DH Pull ups (1/4 BW/deadhang)Many of us, as adults, consider ourselves participants in sporting events. The days of “competing to win” are over – left behind in high school and college. I mean with jobs, families, careers, and life in general, who has time to train the way you need to to win something?

Well, over the weekend, Vince went out to the Camp Pendleton Mud Run (one of the most highly attended and competitive Mud Runs in Southern California). He entered the “boots and utes” division… and WON! FIRST PLACE! CONGRATULATIONS!!

Vince trains at CFLA three days every week, consistently, is a fantastic runner, and is a testament to the fact that even as an adult, anything is possible. He has come a very long way since starting CrossFitting. Congrat’s Vince… and keep up the great work!

Mud Run B&U Medal



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