Training Days

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Tuesday’s Workout (NO CAP)
A) Spend 30 min working on
Press 5-5-5
Front Squat 5-5-5
-Working at ~80% of 1RM

B) 5 rounds, for time of:
250m Row
200m Run
-Rest 60 seconds between rounds

… and coming Wednesday (NO CAP)
A) Power Snatch Drill
Each Minute on the Minute (EMOM) 8
1 Squat Snatch
1 Hang Squat Snatch – below knee
1 Hang Squat Snatch – from pockets
– goal is max weight.
*Athletes can progress weight between rounds, but MUST control the bar for all three reps

B) 3x max strict Muscle ups
– Sub 2 max reps sets of pull-ups and dips. Aim for 7-10 reps
– No muscle-ups skill practice

C) 4 rounds
12 Russian KBS (ahap)
4 MU (kipping OK)
– rest 1 min bet rnds
– start each round where you left off from last round
*scale for MU – combination of 4 strict pull-ups & 4 dipsAs you look at the new programming, you’ll see that a lot of days (about 60%) are what we call “Training Days”. These are days, like today, that are designed for you to be working on developing your strength, skill, stamina, speed, power, and you are doing it in a way that is not “wasting” you in a workout. We have drills created specifically for this… and, of course, scaling them as needed to suit your skill and ability. That doesn’t meant that these days aren’t difficult, challenging or hard! You’ll also notice that most of the workouts on training days use interval training – so that you’ll have intensity, followed by rest, followed by intensity, etc. so that you’re not wasted for upcoming training later in the week.

Oh – remember too that there will be much more going on during training days. If it takes you a while to get warmed up and mobilized, we HIGHLY recommend you start coming early to get it in. On many of these days there won’t be time for extensive warm up, and if you need to spend time doing it, it will mean you’ll miss some of the things we’ll be doing in class.




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