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Today’s Workout

Snatch Balance 5-5-5-5-5


Sit ups – max reps in 2 minutes
– short rest
Burpees – max reps in 2 minutesMany of you know Ingrid… from her training in classes at the gym over the past year, her planning of events like our grand opening and holiday party, and her amazing athletic performance during Sectionals. Something many of you don’t know is that today at 8:00am, she will be undergoing open heart surgery, to repair a problem with her mitral valve.

It all started a few weeks ago when after a particularly difficult workout, she felt more like crap than normal, contracted a fever and couldn’t get it to break. After checking into the hospital, she was diagnosed with viral meningitis. Then, while there, they discovered an abnormality in her heart… which is what she is going in to get “fixed” this morning.

The recovery from this surgery is major… and knowing Ingrid, she’ll be back on her feet in no-time. However, for the next 6 weeks (at least), she’s going to need a lot of support. We are creating a fund to assist her and her family with some of the logistics of this – if you are interested in contributing, please send us an email at

Oh, and as you go through your day today, please keep Ingrid in your thoughts and prayers!




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