Training for the Los Angeles Triathlon

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A) 5x
:30 Arch Hold
:30 Hollow Hold
:30 Push-ups
:30 Double Unders
:30 RKBS
:30 Rest
B) Back Squat 1×20 (+5)


4×4 100m Franklin Hill Sprints on :90.
– 3 mins between sets.
**Compare 5.13, 6.12, and/or 6.28
This SATURDAY at 7:30am, CFLA kicks off Triathlon season with our first Tri workout led by Jamie Silber. Get your bikes (road, mountain, or beach cruiser) out of the garage, lubed up, and tires pumped up in preparation for our road ride this week! I’m saying that as much for me as anyone. My road bike has been hanging in my garage, unridden, for about 5 years. Gonna pull it down off the hook in the ceiling today! Can’t wait for Saturday. I, for one, will be a regular at the endurance workouts in preparation for the LA Tri on October 13.

We’ll be meeting every Saturday at 7:30am at different locations around Santa Monica for various training components required for the sport of Triathlon (running, cycling, swimming, a combination, and race clinics).

If you’re not a member of CFLA, but would like to join us for these workouts, please contact Niki at… she’ll give you all the details.

Jamie & Jonesy running down the beach! #tritraining #cflatrishard #itwasroughoutthere
Jamie & Jonesy goin’ for a run/swim at the beach.



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