Training Guide for Vacations and Holidays

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Today’s Workout

Deadlift 5-3-1+
Wendler Cycle 3, Week 3
(75%, 85%, 95% of 1RM)
6 Rounds for time:
12 Wall Ball (20/14)
100 Single UndersSome of you have seen our Holiday Resource Guide… If you haven’t taken the time to download it yet, please do HERE (first download in the list). Below is a sample of what’s inside…

Identify ONE thing that is your staple. Something you like doing that takes almost ZERO effort. Commit to this on the days where normal training simply isnʼt an option. Here are some ideas: run, stretch, mobilize, burpees, push-ups/sit ups. Once youʼve got the movement(s), pick a time domain and/or a rep scheme. Write it down. This is your STAPLE workout. Here are the steps to take to do this:
a. Choose1, 2 or 3 movements (,push-ups, sit-ups),
b. Decide how much time you have (10,15, 20 min),
c. Pick either “for time” or “as many rounds in x min” format,
d. Decide a distance/reps for each movement,
e. 3,2,1…GO!
f. Use the workout suggestions in the 2nd half of this guide to make it a “no brainer” for yourself. All are designed to be fast and effective, take no time to get started because they donʼt require driving anywhere. You could even do with another person to make it a bit more challenging.

Travis gets upside down… yes – this would count toward your 1 minute total today… if you actually did it today!!



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