Training IS different here!

Today’s Workout
Deadlift – Spend 30 minutes finding today’s 3RM
Tabata mash-up
Air Squats
Box Jumps (20”)
– Score is total of all reps
“The only other thing you really need to understand is how our bodies respond to training. First: The human body adapts to stress. Throw us in ice-cold water every day and we’ll sprout subcutaneous fat for insulation; expose us to the desert sun and our skin will darken. What this means for getting in shape is that each week, you have to stress your body a little more than last time — lift a little heavier, run a little harder.”

I got this quote from a recent article in Men’s Journal, “Everything You Know About Fitness is a Lie“. If you’re a student at CFLA, consider it mandatory reading. It describes CrossFit at it’s core and exactly what we teach at CFLA.

Learn the fundamentals. Practice them regularly. Get strong, powerful, and flexible with simple, basic movements. Execute with perfect form, quickly whenever possible. Focus your attention. Use competition and the clock ONLY as a training tool, when beneficial for your improvement and growth. Show up… don’t quit… ever.

Patrick goes heavy

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