Training is supposed to be ‘fun’!

Today’s Workout
Rowing Intervals
10 Rounds, each for meters
1:00 work / 2:00 restWhat exactly is THAT supposed to mean? You mean this thing we do that makes us nauseous during a workout, collapse in a pile of sweat with bloody hands at the end, and take hours to recover afterward; is supposed to be ‘fun’? For people like Zach, that probably IS the fun part, but for me, the fun is in seeing just what I’m capable of doing and achieving over time. This includes a whole host of things… strength, balance, coordination, endurance, time for a workout, handstand holding, picking heavy things up off the floor. I have ‘fun’ figuring out just what I’m capable of… and it’s especially fun when I figure out how to do something new for the first time or achieve a personal record (pr).

But the fun is different for everyone. What’s it for you?

Hooverball2011 (24)
Is that really Sean & Greg? Nah… Well whomever you are, congratulations to our 2011 Hoverball Tournament Champions! (Sean, Mina, Danette, Greg & Frankie)

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