Training to not suck

Today’s Workout

Dynamic Effort Deadlift
– 50-60% 1RM
– use choice of rubber band
5 rounds
15 dumbbell Power snatch – single arm (55/35)
60 Double undersI pretty much suck at dancing. I have gotten better, since I learned the Cupid Shuffle with our team before Regionals… but most of you, if you watched me dance for no more than 10 seconds, would definitely put me in the ‘suck’ category. See, the problem for me is my hips don’t really move… the’re frozen in place… so when I move, it looks like a robot. In my movement, there is not flow, nothing that looks natural or easy. Sure I have fun at it, but it definitely looks like I’m working, not flowing!

Here’s the thing… dancing is so damn athletic… I would easily put it on par with martial arts or gymnastics, right? So if dancing is athletic, it could almost be classified as sport… the sport of coordinated movement. Huh… has a nice ring to it! And yes, I know it’s not directly related to CrossFit, per se…. but one of CF’s tenets is to regularly learn and play new sports, so what better a goal for me over the next 6 – 12 months – to improve my dancing? Mobilize, move, flow, hips… that’s it… whether it’s hip hop or the electric slide… I’ll be workin’ it – my goal is to show that you can teach an ‘old dawg’ new tricks!

Anyone else have a skill or sport they’re working on not ‘sucking’ at?

Remember that workout from a few weeks ago… farmer’s walk with 1/2 your bodyweight in dumbbells? Well, I believe Tanya was the ONLY person to make all 3 walks without ever putting her dumbbells down!

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