Training with a Smile

“Marianne with lil’ Karen” (Courtesy Darren McGuire)
3 rounds for time:
7 Squat Cleans (165/105)
9 Burpee Broad Jumps (7ft/5ft)
40 Wall Balls (20/14)
– 20 minute time cap

A) Squat Snatch
EMOM 12: 1 single every min
B) 5 rounds for reps: :90:90
250 row
Max pullups (strict)A couple weeks ago, on a Franklin Hill workout day, I was stuck. I couldn’t make it in for a class, and I was committed to doing hill sprints. So at about 2:30pm, I started trying to rally people at the gym – anyone that was there. I tried to get anyone and everyone to head out there with me… desperate for some companionship in a hell-ish workout. No luck. NO ONE would go with me.

So I headed out there on my own… me, my music, headphones, and stopwatch. I left the gym feeling this dread – like this was going to be a horrible workout and I was going to be miserable. Well as I continued running up Franklin away from the gym, I decided that to go into this workout thinking that way would be totally unproductive… and I couldn’t muster up the courage or energy to will myself to be happy and joyful. So I simply decided to force a smile onto my face. Yup. That’s it.

What followed was nothing short of a miracle for me… the longer I ran with the smile on my face, the harder it was for me to feel bad, miserable, awful, or dreadful (all feelings I was having as I approached the hill. And as I started feeling better, I decided that I would keep that smile on my face for the duration of the workout (or at least as much as I could). I even found myself dancing to my music, in public, at the bottom of the hill, in the 3-minutes of rest I had between sprints (and most of you know what sort of dancer I am – Ha!) I actually ENJOYED and was HAPPY during Franklin Hill sprints. I can’t EVER remember that happening – EVER.

I suggest you give it a try – next time you’re dreading doing something (like a workout, but I think it could be pretty much anything), try putting a smile on your face – I’ll bet it gets easier… and maybe even enjoyable!

Whoop – there goes Logan!

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