Training your strengths

Training your strengths

You hear a lot of people in CrossFit talking about training their weaknesses, and while this is great in practice (who, after all, really wants to have “chinks” in their armor) it’s really fun and exciting to work on the skills at which you naturally excel, love doing, and consider to be your strengths. I for one love when a workout comes up that hits all my strengths, and while this may not do as much for me in terms of training my weaknesses, damn it’s fun – and also usually really hard! Remember that training strengths is how specialists become the best in the world – they find the one thing that they’re great at, and do nothing but train in those areas that will make them better at that one skill or sport (Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Usain Bolt, etc).

Since there are so many areas that go into making an elite level CrossFitter, you will naturally have strengths in certain areas. Have you identified them? Have you set a goal? Are you training in those areas? And are you seeing progress?

Cathy yawns, “Can we get on with the workout already?!”

Today’s Workout
400m Run
50 KBS (24/16)
25 Pull Ups
50 Jumping Lunges
25 Snatch Balance (95/65)
50 Double Unders
25 Ring Dips
50 GHD Back Extensions
400m run



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