Transcending Competition

Transcending Competition

Today’s Workout
12 x 50m Franklin Hill Sprints
– Start each on the :60 sec
Max Sit Ups – 2 minutesI saw a lot of amazing performances during Fight Gone Bad on Saturday. Incredible efforts. Personal records. I also saw a ‘coming together’ of six incredible CrossFit communities… for an event that transcends territory, teams, colors and even competition.
What? No judging, scorekeeping and, most importantly, no winner?
That’s strange, I thought CrossFit events always had winners.
Not this one. We came together for a cause that is bigger than any one of us on our own. Our 200 athletes came together with thousands of others in our extended world-wide community in 16 different countries to raise $2.2 million for our warriors, their kids, and our veterans. That’s the win… those are the winners.
Congratulations to you all for taking the time and having the courage to show up. Thank you for making it an overwhelming success!




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