Triathletes, CrossFit & CFLA

Triathletes, CrossFit & CFLA

Today’s Workout

“Endure This!”

2k Row for time
rest 4 min
1 mile Run for time
rest 4 min
1k Row for time
rest 2 min
800m Run for time
rest 2min
500m Row for time
rest 1 min
400m Run for timeHave you seen the latest issue of Triathlete Magazine? Besides being a great article about the benefits of CrossFit for endurance training, it is a virtual 9-page photo gallery of CFLA and a few of our selected endurance athletes! Janelle got the first shot for the article (below), but she’s not alone… our athlete’s photos also featured in the article are Dustin, Rebecca W., Jim G., Shirley, Becca, Michael, Devlin and a few others I couldn’t quite pick out. Way to represent, gang!

And by the way… best of luck to Z tomorrow in the OC Throwdown!

Screen shot 2011-01-13 at 6.17.00 PM



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