Tribal Leadership Part 2

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This post is because items like this were the most requested types of posts visitors, you, to this page wanted to see… and that got me wondering, how many time do you watch a video, or re-read a post that you like? Do you refer back to it…. is it something you might take notes on and refer to during a conversation at a later date? And how much influence can a post like this have on you? I remember the very first video I saw of CrossFit. It was Greg A. doing a WOD with 45# dumbbell thrusters and muscle-ups. I remember that first week of discovering it and re-watching it at least a dozen times. The effect on me was obvious, I was trying to recruit people into CrossFit all the time.

make a list of videos that you’ve seen online that have had impact on you.

Enjoy this clip below regarding Tribal Leadership by one of the authors, John King.



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