Trick or Treat?

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A smile like this on Anastasia’s face could mean one of two things… a) she hasn’t started her workout yet, or b) she just finished and is glad it’s over. Judging from the fact that she’s still standing up and not lying on the floor in the fetal position in a pile of sweat, I’d have to go with option a).


Today’s Workout
For time & Tabata Scores:
Tabata Push Press – men-65#, women-45#
400m run
100 Sit Ups
400m run
Tabata Squats
400m run

– Record your total workout time and worst round scores on the Push Presses & Squats

Today is 22 burpees. Don’t fall behind, forge ahead (catch up now while you still can)!
“Buy-In” – 253 Burpees



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