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I was talking to my chiropractor the other day and she said “how do you have time to do that?” The “That” she was referring to was cooking.  I was sharing with her that I had made homemade pizza.  My homemade pizza truly means crust and all, which is a little more time consuming then pre-made crust.  I explained and she agreed we all make time to do things that give us joy and pleasure and cooking is just one of them. Though, it wasn’t always that way. When I was a child my mother didn’t really let me in the kitchen. I always wanted to help, but she wanted to be efficient and get it done her way. Looking back I totally get it now. When you need to get food on the table to feed the family and you’ve got limited time the thought of a teaching a kid in the kitchen doesn’t make sense. So Mom, I get it now.

In college I “prepared” food, you know, the basics; pasta, salads etc.  I also got to work in a few restaurants, which were awesome and hard at the same time.  I learned a lot about prep cooking, presentation and just got to see a whole lot of the behind the scenes stuff.  As I started to cook more on my own I was very particular on how I wanted things done. Now, after many years of practice and I am open to things not being perfect. Yes, sometimes I would like my onions all the same size when chopped if that’s the case I’ll do it myself, but most of the time it doesn’t have to be that way.  To me, cooking for those you love is truly an expression of love and much easier than words. When cooking there is room to be creative, artsy and free, which can be an expression of anything you want it to be.

This past week I made myself some turmeric tea.  I’d been wanting to try it for the longest time, but just hadn’t made the time to do it. Funny thing was, it didn’t take long at all. I used a blender and pot and just a few simple ingredients.  It was super simple and truly tasted amazing. When I drank my tea I felt like I could have been sitting at the beach with bonfire, or in the snow next to a fireplace.  I had two reasons for wanting to make this tea. 1.Tumeric is an anti inflammatory and since the WLC ended I’ve slacked a bit on my fish oil. (I also recently learned its an antiseptic). 2. It just sounded good and I thought maybe it could be an alternative to coffee. The verdict: this beverage not only tastes good, but has healing properties. It’s a win, so, I dare you to try it. Check it out: Tumeric Tea/ Milk, recipe from Wellness Mama.

Today’s Workout

Spring Break

“CF Total”
In 45 minutes, 15 minutes per lift
1RM Back squat
1RM Press
1RM Deadlift

And Coming Friday
Spring Break

A) In 15min establish max effort Muscle ups

200m Run
10 Hang power snatches (95/65)
15 Hand-release pushups





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