Trying Too Hard to Get It Right

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Week 13 of 14: PRACTICE

A) 5 RFQ
3 Squat Snatches @ 65-70%
6 Burpees
12 Pushups

B) 4 RFQ
200 run
15 Strict Pullups

Week 13 of 14: COMPETITION

“Da Tiny Hoppa”

Show up to find out the workout of the day! The 6 am class will pull your workout from Kenny Kane’s “Tiny Hoppa,” a collection of 9 workouts specially selected by KK to challenge the skills you’ve been practicing over the last 10 weeks. I was watching some MMA fights on TV the other day. When it got to the main event, they did that thing where they have the announcer hold the microphone close to the ref, so you can hear what he’s saying to the fighters. Normally you don’t hear the ref during this part, but it’s become a tradition to do it at main events. This ref wasn’t one who’d been around for a long time and I think this might have been the first time he’d been broadcast like this. You could tell he was nervous about saying the rules to the fighters and starting the fight.

And he totally flubbed it.

He stumbled through the words, gave a long pause, rolled his eyes back, and then finally got it right a couple tries later. I just though, “Oh man, I bet he practiced that so much, just to get it wrong on live TV.” Of course the irony is nobody cares about the referee anyway. Everybody’s watching to see the fight!

It made me think about doing complicated movements in CrossFit. Sometimes I would try so hard to get the technique right that I’d get in my own way. Or I’d get so mentally wound up about lifting a new PR that I wouldn’t make it, when it truth I might very well have been strong enough. Or I’d worry about what the coach thought or who else was watching, instead of just focusing on what I was doing. (And maybe like the ref and the fight audience, nobody is actually watching me anyway?)

Sometimes our thoughts can be awesome and motivating things. And sometimes they just get in the way. Sometimes you need to shut down the brain and just do the work you’ve always done. That ref has probably said those words a thousand times. He only messed up because he let the circumstances cloud his execution. So consider that next time you get nervous about a movement or frustrated by a movement. Is it really the movement or are you letting the situation get in the way?

Becca Borawski served as Program Director at CFLA for seven years and is now part of the extended coaching family. She is the managing editor for Breaking Muscle, a website designed for real athletes and real coaches. She lives in Portland, OR and is most likely preparing a paleo meal at this moment.

The most important part of self-mastery is allowing yourself to master things. Huge breakthrough for Julie today. 40lb snatch went up like nothing. #schoolofmastery #wetalkinboutpractice #snatches



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