Are you In or Are You IN?


A) Squat Snatch
EMOM 8: 3 po. starting in High Hang

B) Muscle up/Ring Pull/Ring Row
3x ME MU’s to “Hole” (NO dip). Scale to ring pull-up

C) 5 rds for time of:
200 m run
5 Squat Snatch @ 70% of EMOM
Rest :60 exactly after completion of each round


Franklin Hill Sprints
6 sprints starting every 6 minutes. Booyah!
I was talking to Stephanie today about the OPEN. She asked me a question that I’m sure has gone through many of your heads, which is why I’m sharing it here. If we (at CFLA) are just going to do the workouts anyway on Thursdays at the gym for classes, why should I pay $20 and sign up for the Open? Great question… And here’s my answer.

When you register for the Open you are declaring to both yourself and the world, “I’m IN!” You become someone that isn’t willing to sit on the sideline and just let life pass you by. You are a competitor, and you’re actually in the competition. No excuses as to why you don’t feel like coming on Thursday or Saturday. You’re IN – and all things in your life will fall into place around you being in… sleep, water, food, mental preparation, recovery, how you spend your free time… everything. Can you come to the gym and just do the workouts? Sure. But are you really in? No way.

Join us. The Open is for everyone! Don’t wait… just get registered. And if you have any questions, concerns, or trepidations, lets hear about them in comments.


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