Fits & Starts


1 RM Squat Snatch
1 RM Back Squat

Compare to CFLA Whiteboard results from 4/30/13


For Time
50 RKB (2/1.5)
100 DU
2k row
2k run
100 DU
50 RKB

Compare to CFLA Whiteboard results from 5/1/13Do you ever get discouraged, like I do, when you don’t make continual forward progress? You know, the times you you try a workout that you’ve done before, you don’t make obvious, measurable progress (higher weight, less assistance, faster time)? I did Elizabeth yesterday, and instead of a measurable improvement, my time slid by over 60 seconds. So the question is, is this progress?

The road to fitness, functional fitness, athletic performance, is one that is fraught with challenge, bumps in the road, twists and turns, curves, potholes, tripwire, speed traps, you get the idea. Progress is almost never linear – how could it be? In training for most of us, who are engaged in ‘normal’ life, the bumps the road take the form of things like kids, family, sleep, work, diet, social events, email, commutes. They all get in the way of the things we ‘should’ be doing improve our athletic performance – mobilizing, drinking water, sleeping, eating well, consistently, recovering, and working out.

So what to do? Know this – that you’re going to progress… in fit’s and starts… as long as you keep showing up. You’re going to have some days where you set the world on fire, set personal records, and feel awesome… many days that are just average – not really better, but not too much worse… and some that, well, suck. It’s the way it is – and the way it’s supposed to be.

Relish the great days, keep showing up on the average ones, and don’t quit on the crappy ones (remember the Winston Churchill quote, “When you’re going through hell, keep going!”)

#competitionday means leaving it all on the mat. @thekennykane #leadingfromthefront #elizabeth #crossfit #oof Photo by @laurencasady

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