Show Up, Today (as in, not tomorrow or the next day)

Show Up, Today (as in, not tomorrow or the next day)


Da Hoppa!

Choose one of about 60 different CrossFit workouts at the beginning of class from the CLFA Hopper. The whole class does the same workout, but each class draws their own! May you choose the “right” person to be your picker!


Team WOD- teams of 4
“A Day at the Beach”
Relay serpentine style, 4 rounds for time
15 Wall Ball (20/14)
30 DU’s OR 60 Singles
15 Slam Ball (15/10)
100m Carry (KB cooler 24/16kg and Beach Chair plate (45/25)

The team moves in order, once the first person has completed a movement the next team member can follow behind. You cannot move to the next station until the person in front of you has finished at this station. The team must wait for last teammate to finish all movements before snaking back to the beginning, starting with the farmers carry. Unknown and unknowable. That’s what today is all about. Showing up in spite of everything else in your life pulling, tugging, dragging, holding, stopping… keeping you from doing what you know you need and want to do. Now is exactly when excuses start to show up – and you start generating great reasons for not showing up.

Do yourself a favor – show up. There is power in the practice – especially when knowing nothing about what to expect or what you might be in for. Anything is possible… but only if you’re here.

The "AMRAP 666" was rough , but that didn't stop Ann Marie. #crossfit #boxjumps #killerwod
There’s Ann Marie – rising above!!



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