Running Barefoot


A) Power Snatch Drill
1 Hang Power Snatch – from pockets
1 Hang Power Snatch – below knee
1 Power Snatch
-goal is max weight.

B) 3x max Muscle ups
-Sub 2 max reps sets of STRICT pull-ups and dips. Aim for 7-10 reps
-No muscle-ups skill practice

C) 10 rounds for reps
:20 max reps Power Snatch (75/55)
:20 Rest
:20 max reps burpees
-Rest only after power snatches. Athletes move directly from burpees into power snatches between rounds.
-Score is TOTAL reps


A) Annie
50-­40-­30-­20-­10 rep rounds for time
Double­ unders
­13 minute cap

2­-4­-6­-8­-10 rep rounds for time
Front Squat (205/135)
Back Squat (205/135)
­13 minute cap

Begin section B at 14:00 of a continuously running clock.As many of you know, I essentially took the last 6 months off of running to let a stress fracture in my right heel, heal. I started running again about 2 weeks ago, and have re-discovered the joy of running barefoot. Yes… I had a stress fracture, AND now I’m running barefoot on concrete. Seems crazy, right?

Well – if you run with a heel strike, it might actually be crazy. Don’t do that! But when you take the time to make the transition to landing in the ball of your foot, there is almost no stress on the heel. In fact, there is almost no stress on any part of your body – when doing it correctly, it feels effortless. And here’s the crazy thing… all it takes is your willingness to take your shoes off and run barefoot for the first 2-5 minutes ANY run. Really… you’ll learn very quickly to land in the balls of your feet… and your body will adapt to the new style. Sure, it would help to read a book, seek out some pointers, maybe even have a coaching session. But the first step is to get out there and just do it.

Do yourself a favor – ditch the shoes and socks for a few minutes (yes, this includes Five Fingers) and let your little toes breathe and touch the ground. You might just learn how much you like it!

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