Only Two Spots Open for CFLA Triathlon Team

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In case you missed it last Wednesday CFLA Triathlon Coach Jamie Silbur held a town hall meeting to describe our program for the upcoming triathlon season. 13 of the 15 available spots were filled on the spot – something we did not anticipate.  That being said, if you’ve ever considered doing a Triathlon we have Jamie Silbur (arguably one of the best coaches in the sport) leading our team this season.  If you are interested in reserving one of the last two spots call the office 310.260.9550 or email   The 12 week program starts next week and wraps mid October.

On a different note, remember that the last set of your 3×5’s this week is a max effort set (do as many reps as quality will allow).  Pistol progressions are moving really well – keep playing to improve and challenge yourself.  And lastly, we’ll see on Friday just how good at both, “pacing” and lifting heavy you are.  (See video below for a quick review of the week.)




A) 4 RFQ
    10 Strict CTB pullups
    20 Flutter kicks

B) Pistol Skill Practice

C) 8 RFQ on the 2:00
    100m Run
    2 Squat clean and jerks (70-75%)


A) 2 RFR (:30:30)
    Row for cal
    Burpee broad jumps
    Alt. one step drop jumps for max height
    Wall balls (20/14)

C) 3×5 BS (20 min)

D) 3×5 Press (15 min)



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