Two Weeks ‘Til Test Week

The long-awaited Retest Week for our current cycle is coming up the week after next! We’ll be testing Monday Apr 11 through Friday Apr 15, and the 5 tests can be viewed in the programming here.

If you were here during Test Week (Jan 11 – Jan 15), it’s important for you to repeat the same tests that you did in that week. So check your workout journal or check the whiteboard photos.

If you weren’t here for Test Week, or if you come to any Tests that you didn’t do in Test Week, then just execute these Test workouts with a Competition Context.

In any case, to help yourself prepare for Test Week, make sure to take care of yourself next week, which is Recovery Week. All three Practice Days of the week will be Recovery Days, so use those days as an opportunity to work at a lighter intensity than usual.

As always, have fun!

Thursday’s Workout
Mental Toughness

20 Box jumps (24/20)
20 Push presses (115/83)
400m Plate run (45/25)

And Coming Friday

Bench presses

8 Squat cleans + Alt FR Lunges (50% of SC)
80 Double unders

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