Uh oh…It’s a SMACKDOWN!

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I know you’ve all been waiting on pins and needles! Well it’s that time again. Can you feel it in your stomach? What is that? You all know that anything’s possible when you step into the gym, but why does it gnaw at your gut not to know ahead of time? That anxiety – That’s ENERGY! Everyone has it, it’s just a question of what you’re gonna do with it. Well, you already love CrossFit or you wouldn’t be here. So welcome that stress because it means it’s time to amaze yourself. So come into your workout, step up to the plate, and turn that energy into something incredible. You’re all capable of such fantastic achievements – I see them every day. How about you? When was the last time you surprised or amazed yourself?

Apparently we’re not keeping you guys busy enough…

Today’s Workout

Thursday Smack Down!

  • Within the first two minutes of class, one person will choose a workout from the CFLA Smack Down Deck.
  • NO card is a “safe”… whatever you choose, we guarantee a Smack Down! Good Luck!



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