Up For Grabs

Many of you may have noticed a new practice around here of “checking in” when some of your fellow gym members are out and about. What’s actually going on is that we’re playing an online game called foursquare where you compete with your friends for points by getting out and doing things, especially new things, around town. It’s definitely goofy to say the least, but it becomes fun to see what people are up to, as well as earn virtual badges for the mundane as well as seemingly random actions. The pièce de résistance is earning mayorships by being the person who checks in the most at one particular location. Up until now Andy has been the mayor of CrossFit Los Angeles (no brainer, right?), but as of today his mayorship is up for grabs for all members. So jump in, play along with your fellow CrossFitters. It’s available on your mobile phone. Who’s gonna be the next mayor of CrossFit Los Angeles?

Tag…you’re it!

Today’s Workout
400m Run
5 Muscle-ups
15 Wall Ball (20/14)

*Rx+ – Scale up to an 11’ target for advanced athletes



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