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How fast, in miles per hour, do you think you can climb a 25′ rope? Or a better question – how quickly can you get to the top of a 25′ rope from a seated position on the ground? The record for this was set back in the 1950’s by Garvin Smith – around 4 mph – 4.2 seconds. Huh? Yes, I said 4.2 seconds! Next time you do a rope climb, count to 4 seconds – see how far up YOU’VE climbed. This was set back in the day when video wasn’t as available, however, this time lapse sequence shows his winning form. Check out www. johngill.com PS – Did you know that the rope climb used to be an Olympic gymnastic event, prior to 1932?

Today’s Workout
With a 45 pound bar on your back, and a continuously running clock, complete 1 squat during first minute, 2 squats the second, 3 squats the third. Continue in this sequence until you can no longer do the requisite number of squats before the end of that minute.



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