Today’s Workout
Rowing Intervals
10 Rounds, each for meters
1:00 work / 2:00 rest

Inversion Challenge – 65 seconds
We’ve been in a new home now for about 3 months, and up until a week ago, moving boxes still littered every room in the house. Not only that and much to Julia’s chagrin, I really had no desire or motivation to do anything about it. I mean it was totally livable… I managed to create a life in the house that embraced the presence of stacks and stacks of boxes… with paths carved out to get places and of course, access to the TV. I could have gone on for months this way… comfortable, easy, but a complete mess to anyone poking their head in the front door.

Suddenly this week, I (we) kicked it into gear, and today, the house is looking great… except for a few boxes here and there and a noticeable lack of artwork on the walls, it’s done, moved in. Why the sudden change? A birthday party, of course! I set the date for yesterday, and all of a sudden it became important to me to get myself and my home “squared away”. There’s been a whirlwind of work this week, especially in the last two days, but it feels GREAT! We’ll actually be able to enjoy our home for the holidays!

Now you may be asking what’s the point to this story. Well, I would imagine that if you look around your life, you’ll also find things that are un-done, incomplete, and that suck energy out of you and your life every day they go on left that way. A great way to back yourself into a corner (in a good way) and get things like this done, is to put yourself on the hook for them, publicly. Been thinking about running a 10k? Sign up for a race with a group of friends. Have a goal of being a public speaker? Book your first talk on the calendar. Want a home that you’re proud of? Schedule a party and invite all your friends over. Want to move into a new apartment? Give notice at the one you live in now. Put yourself on the hook for something you can’t back out of… works every time for me!

Leo goes overhead with 40# over his bodyweight!

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