Vacation to Gym-Land

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Wednesday’s Workout (CAP) (Quarterly Check-in Week)
5 Rounds
5 Deadlift (275/185)
10 Burpees

…and coming Thursday (NO CAP)
Personal PRs:
Max reps pull ups
5 minute rest
2k row for timeDo you know what makes you happy in a workout? Chances are you know what makes you unhappy. When I say happy, what I mean is, what has you feel set-up, ready to go, prepared, and focused throughout – mentally and physically. Are you always annoyed that you get sweat in your eyes? Are you always scrounging around on the CFLA shelves for leftover rolls of tape? Are your wrists sore because it’s overhead squat day and you forgot your wrist wraps again?

Consistent annoyances are…well, consistently annoying. But, they are also consistently predictable. Which means you can very easily do something about them.

When you go on vacation you pack your bags with some care. Even those of you who pack last minute pay some mind to make sure you get your deodorant and toothbrush in there. Some of you probably pack and re-pack, double checking your list. Regardless, you don’t leave without making sure you’ve got what you need. If you travel a lot, you may even have duplicates of things and your bag mostly ready to go, to make things simple.

So make things simple when you take your weekly vacations to gym-land. Have a gym bag. Pack it with essentials – your headband, your tape, and your wrist wraps. Have it packed and ready to go, so you just grab it when you step out the door. Make your trip less stressful and more productive. Let yourself “enjoy” your gym time and be happy, without thinking about what you forgot, without being able to truly get the most from your trip, without getting sweat in your eye.

‘Cause we all know it sucks to go on vacation and forget your toothbrush.


Leo, Logan, Andy…Have you all stopped getting haircuts since I moved?



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