How Do You Value Water, Part 2

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 Part 2 of Coach Benet’s blog about the California Drought.

Over the weekend, I met a young couple from East Porterville, CA. This is a city that has arguably been hit the hardest by the drought. Many of the residents of Tulare County are on a well system, and of the 952 wells that have gone dry in the county, 600 are in East Porterville, CA. One day this family had water from their well, and the next it had gone dry.

How would your water behaviors change if you had to fill up buckets, drums, and trash cans from two 5,000-gallon water tanks parked in your neighborhood? Read about their story here.

The issues surrounding SoCal water (politics, economics, infrastructure, and individual behaviors) have existed for years. It’s only now that we are becoming aware of them because we are in a drought.

What can you do now? We are now directing blame at agriculture, politicians, oil/energy, but ultimately I believe that we have to point the finger at ourselves first as water consumers. We have to change our mindset about how we use water if we expect to make larger change in our total usage. What’s your droughtbeard? A droughtbeard is something you do daily to remind yourself about water use. For me, it is actually why I have a beard. Every day I look in the mirror and I am awkwardly reminded about being focused on water. Whether I’m in the shower, brushing teeth, or buying meat at the store I am 100% aware of my water footprint. Another example of a #droughtbeard can be something as simple as putting up post-it notes by all of your faucets!

Be creative, but I encourage you to find your #droughtbeard and share it with us on facebook, instagram, or twitter!


Tuesday’s Workout
Spring Break

A) In 20min find 1RM
Bench press

B) For individual and total time
800m Run
3min Rest
400m Run
2min Rest
200m Run

And Coming Wednesday
Spring Break

A) EMOM 10
O: 14 DB renegade rows (45/30)
E: :30 Candlestick levers

750m Row
25 Burpees
500m Row
50 Burpees
250m Row
75 Burpees
**30min Cap**
**See 3/4/14**



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