Variable pain tolerance?

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In a study recently done at the University of Oxford with the men’s crew team, researchers found that members of a team that train together can tolerate twice as much pain as when they train on their own (read the article – thanks, Kevin!) Does this help to explain why CrossFit workouts are most effective when done in a group, with a community? Does this correspond to what you’ve found on your own? Do you scores improve, times drop, lifts increase when you CrossFit with a group as opposed to on your own? Post thoughts to comments.

One handed wall ball? Leslie, now I’ve seen everything!

Today’s Workout

“Quarter Gone Bad”
5 rounds for total reps of:
15 sec – Thrusters (135/95)
45 sec rest
15 sec – Weighted Pull-ups (50/15)
45sec rest
15 sec – Burpees
45 sec rest



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