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Is there such a thing as too much variety? Is it better to be focused on one thing for 2 to 6-week periods than it is to simply do things at random? How do you get the best results? After playing around with both methods, I’m inconclusive – if results and performance is what we’re after, both are very effective. I much prefer the randomized variety to keep things fresh, fun and unpredictable, yet I believe that focusing on one area for specific periods can pay off.

So what I do is to pick one area for a 2 – 6 month period (or shorter, or longer…) that is my focus. Right now it’s running – marathon distance, since I’m entered in the USMC Marathon in October. Do you have a similar system and/or a current focus or goal? Lets hear about it…

Brooke… showing the lengths she’ll go to for some shade in the summer!

Today’s Workout

Complete 5 single snatches (5 reps)
– Increase the weight by small to medium increments on each rep (training partners help to keep rest time between reps at a minimum). This means you’ll have to start at a low enough weight to make increasing the weight on each rep possible.
– Your goal is to successfully complete all 5 singles without a miss, increasing weight each time.
– keep time between each rep to a minimum
– Repeat 4 – 5 times
– Post the weights of each rep of the set of increasing loads you were able to successfully snatch 5 times.



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