Very Superstitious

Very Superstitious

Today’s Workout

5 rounds, for time:
20 front squats (110#/75#)
15m handstand walking

(substitute any one of the following for the handstand walk: 50 wall runs, 5 handstand walks down and up wall, 20m bear crawl)I find CrossFitters can become a very superstitious bunch when it comes to their workouts. The weights need to match, the shoes need to be a specific pair, the chalk needs to be in a certain place, and sometimes a very specific sequence of actions need to take place before a workout can begin. I know for me, I have specific weight clamps I use for certain workouts, depending on the exercises, and I always make sure the color of the numbers on my bumper plates match, even if it’s not a workout where I’m dropping the weight and it matters. Whether or not it is real, in my head, it somehow makes a difference. Do you have superstitions about your workouts? What sort of things do you have to have or need to do before you can begin a workout?

The men of CFLA show off their tights.



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