Our vestibular system is what keeps our sense of balance healthy; it regulates our ability to maintain body position at rest or in motion. It also helps us keep a steady focus on objects even though the position of our body changes. This all goes on within the makeup of our inner ear.

I bring it up because as we age, many people can experience problems with balance. Vestibular health is not something we often talk about — especially in a gym — but we certainly have the means to contribute to a long, healthy sense of balance. How?

By getting inverted. Getting upside down by doing handstands, headstands, and forward rolls allows the vestibular system to be stimulated and stay working well, prolonging a solid sense of balance. Kids are constantly rolling around, trying cartwheels, hanging from bars, unafraid of inversion. As we get older we lose that sense of play, but we also lose the benefits of active inversion.

This cycle take advantage of all the inversion work we’ll do, starting with the forward rolls today. I totally get that getting upside down can be confronting especially if we haven’t done it since we were kids, but think of this not just as a practice of improving our handstand holds or handstand walking, but an opportunity to strengthen our general sense of balance for years to come. I certainly want to ride my bike — in a straight line — well into my nineties and beyond. Hopefully I’ll still be getting inverted then, too.

Tuesday’s Workout

Bench press

B) Handstand walk parade

C) 3 RFQ on the 4:00
5 Deadlifts (75%)
200m Run
10 Sit to stands
–3min Cap each round–

Wednesday’s Workout

10 Ground to shoulder (165/115)
100 Double unders

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