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So some of you may not be as aware of my total lack of natural abilities. Now I’m not talking bad I’m talking horrible. You may think that’s just colorful hyperbole but ever since I could remember I really had to work longer and harder at most everything I earned. It’s also part of the reason I became an instructor in Crossfit (as well as in Martial Arts) because it gives me an opportunity to perfect things and support my own growth. That said, I found something really exciting last year and wanted to share because you may have some similar thoughts or experiences as well…

I was watching a video of a workout on the crossfit main site and it included box jumps… well, up to that point, box jumps were anything but fun for me especially in that I could not “bound” back up quickly. So I watched the video about 3 or 4 times and later that night I was in the middle of a workout and during the middle of the 2nd round… you know the point where you’re so far from the beginning that you forget what it felt like to be energized and too far from the finish to feel like it’s almost over (let’s call this the POINT OF NO RETURN) … I lost myself in the workout, a state of FLOW if you will. And Andy called out “Burch, what’re ya doing?” I didn’t have an answer except to know that I was indeed bounding back up to the box like I was made for it. Ever since then I haven’t had a problem with “bounding” box jumps.

So, I’m wondering what the connection is between excessively watching the crossfit/youtube/petranekfitnesss videos and learning.

Post your thoughts and comments and any similar experiences.

thanks and enjoy the video.

Or try here and choose from any number of great videos!

BTW if you watch the one entitled “Nasty Girls” make sure you watch to the very end.

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