Virtuosity AND Spectacularity

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Week 14 of 14: Re-Test 5

100 Pull ups
100 Push ups
100 Sit ups
100 Squats he definition of virtuosity from gymnastics is “performing the common uncommonly well.” It shows up in the way a movement is performed, not necessarily in the spectacularity of it. A simple, elegant handstand. A slow muscle up. A perfectly executed snatch or clean. A well timed pass during a football game. A perfectly executed double play. A perfect game. A flawless musical performance.

Sometimes, however, you get to see a demonstration of virtuosity that really is both virtuous AND spectacular. That was what I thought when I watched this Volvo commercial featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme. Whether you like him or not, you’ve got to admit that his performance of the splits is the is the embodiment of virtuosity. And the stunt is spectacular.



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